How to meet and date the beautiful women of Medellin

(even if your Spanish sucks)

Jump the learning curve

Dating is by far the most exciting thing to do in Medellín. 'Paisa' women are friendly and confident, feminine and sexual. And many of them are very curious about foreign men.

But they have their own way of doing things, and a lot of guys struggle to gain traction early on.

Especially if your Spanish is limited, there's a learning curve even for simple dating situations like gauging real interest, making plans for time alone or clarifying your intentions.

The good news: Most of the typical 'gringo' mistakes can be avoided or even flipped to your advantage.

Once you understand the psychology of paisa women and how to navigate local dating culture, success becomes a matter of putting yourself out there.

So fuck trial and error. Get all the cheat codes, and start having fun in Medellín right now.

This is your unfair advantage

Our guide is based on nine years of decoding paisa dating behavior and psychology.

Here you'll learn:

Best spots in the city to meet new women (locations, times of day, how to get there, etc.)

How to cold approach her during the day and get a number

Simple chat script for getting in-person dates from Tinder, Instagram etc.

What to do/say when meeting women out at night

Best night spots for meeting nice girls

How to assess 'logistical compatibility' when talking to someone new

How to make paisa small talk (puts her at ease, opens the door)

How to get her to stop pointless-texting you and actually meet in person

What she's used to, what she's expecting (what is paisa masculinity)

How to distance yourself from the 'sex tourist' stereotypes

How to manage family invitations and other social dilemmas

How to quickly distinguish between nice girls and prepagos, 'gold-diggers' etc.

Surefire ways to tell if she's actually interested (before investing time/money/energy)

Specific signs that she's gone cold (and it's not going to happen)

How to cure her flaky tendencies and get her to commit to plans

How to manage expectations about time and punctuality

How to smoothly make backup plans on date night (for first dates, you need a backup)

Dealing with transportation issues on date night

How to turn poor or basic Spanish to your advantage

What to do (and avoid) if she's not single

Four advantages of being foreign (and how to use them)

The sweet spot between interest/aloofness (Hint: it's different in Colombia)

Ways to get out of Poblado and find a different type of girl

What to expect, before and after sex (sex changes everything)

How to manage social expectations (jealousy) when things start heating up

How to manage money expectations (spending, treating, splitting) from the start

How to survive and thrive if you're introduced to her family

Simple criteria to filter out bad opportunities and find the best match

Strategic system for setting first, second and third dates

What to do if you don't have your own place (how to 'motelear'; it's actually fun)

When (and how) to bring up sex (confidently make your move)

The best excuse for breaking up (how to bypass breakup drama and resistance)

The right Spanish makes all the difference

Survival Spanish isn’t very sexy, and relying on Google Translate makes you sound like a Nigerian scammer when you’re texting her.

On the other hand, speaking Spanish with a decent Medellín accent is an instant credibility-builder and a predictable fascination trigger.

When they hear something so familiar coming from an unexpected source, they're flattered and intrigued, and you've got their attention.

We’ve organized and studio-recorded over 900 phrases covering a range of dating scenarios, from introductions to small talk to sex. Text confidently and chat her up in precise, local Spanish.

Introduce yourself, chat her up and get her number

Ask her out and make a plan that won't fall apart

Diplomatically insist that she be on time or nearly on time

Get around on a date (servers, taxis etc.)

Flatter her and show interest without appearing over-eager

Make small talk, chat and catch up

Joke, flirt and swear like a paisa (for some reason this drives them wild)

Discuss status and expectations

Hint or make it very clear when you're interested

Hint or make it very clear when you’re *not* interested

Ask about her, and tell her about yourself

Bring up sex naturally and confidently

Propose 'Netflix and chill’ (Colombian version)

Try it: Click to learn how to confidently get a phone number in Spanish, anywhere at any time.

Get the answer, get the girl

We keep a dedicated Whatsapp number for members.

If you need to know a specific phrase, or want to chat about a weird Medellín dating situation, we're here.

It’s easier than guessing wrong.


Customer Testimonials


“I only had 6 days in Medellín and I don't speak Spanish. I was able to go out with three pretty nice girls and hook up with one too.”


“Once you understand how they think, and why they do certain things, it's not hard at all.”


“Some of the Spanish phrases are beyond my current level, but the stuff I have tried so far works exactly like it says in the guide.”


“I made more progress in one week than my first two months in Medellín.”


“The woman I'm seeing asked me all suspicious what happened to my accent. She thought I was practicing Spanish with someone else.”


“This is brilliant advice. Thanks guys.”